RT '011: Southern Georgia

Howdy! Are you sick of us yet? Too bad. Another great day in the south. Humid and a little rainy but beautiful as always. We made our way from Savannah to south west Georgia today via Florida. A little out of the way but close enough to just stop by. Our big adventure of the day was at the Okefenokee Swamp. Have you heard of it? Its full of gators and you better believe we saw some up close and personal....
We are behind a fence at this picture but all 4 of these guys are asleep, so they want us to believe. She makes it look so easy.
Okay, so we are standing about 20 feet away from this guy with nothing between us. It was crazy...
Luckily we didn't look tasty enough for him.
But this is for real real. We were, no joke, 10 feet away from this guy. He was just chillin on the side of the parking lot. You can't tell but he is about 8 feet long. We were living on the edge today.
We took this really quick so Lindsay's back wasn't to him for too long because he kept eyeing us. I promise there are pictures of me in them too but Lindsay is just more photogenic.


Megan said...

wow! You guys are crazy to be that close! Looks like you guys are having a blast.

Valerie said...

I hope your mother doesn't read this. Lindsay, if we learned anything from our suburban Southern California upbringing, it's never turn your back on a gator.
Or is it that the Beach Boys wish they could all be California Girls?

Either way.