RT '011: Savannah

Hellooo Georgia!!! Today was the first day we didn't have to drive anywhere. It was a little piece of glory. We spent all day in Savannah and fell in love. We are lovin' this southern charm. To make up for the lack of pictures yesterday here's a whole load of pictures from our day in Savannah.

We sat here and ate gelato for a little while this afternoon. It was fantastic (the gelato and the view).

The trees down here are incredible.

These are little walkway bridges to store fronts over an alleyway. I just really liked them.

More trees.

Hi there Mr. Magnolia. They are everywhere and so beautiful.

We took this picture for Laura (Hi Laura) because she said pictures are always better with the people in them. I'm just going to say we haven't been looking our greatest in this humidity and living out of a suitcase and car but we knew we needed to get a picture of us in Savannah. Done.

Walkway to the main park in the city. This picture doesn't even do it justice. It was gorgeous.


Chris and Gina said...

Did you see any plantation houses? Hope so. Pictures, please!

Laura said...

Yay! Thanks for the picture - and you look FABULOUS!!