RT '011: Raleigh to Savannah

Well, we made it across the country. Touched the Atlantic Ocean today. It felt so good. When you get on the 40 fwy in California there is a sign that says Wilmington, NC 2--- something miles away. Well we made it all the way across the 40 today.

It's late and we are in a fabulous hotel in downtown Savannah so I want to enjoy it. Let me just recap the places we went today:

Wilmington, NC: Great city, but what we really loved was Kure Beach down the strand (as the locals say). It's this adorable beach city that I'm sure comes to life in the summer. It has bright colored beach house rentals that have their own private walk ways to the beach. It was just fabulous. We wrote down rental names and specific beach houses we love so we can do a huge summer trip out here. Anyone want to join? I'm sure it's so expensive so the more people, the cheaper it will be.

Myrtle Beach, SC: Cute but overrated, for us at least. Even though we did stop at the beach there to eat lunch and take a quick nap on the beach. That was super relaxing.

Charleston, SC: This is how I would describe it....If there was chocolate drizzled on that city I would eat it up. Oh, Charleston, how I will have sweet dreams of you tonight. We seriously fell in love with that city. Too bad we had so little time. We got a taste of it and want to go back desperately. Listen here people of America, you must visit Charleston. It's dreamy and magical and quaint and historical and lovely all wrapped up in to one glorious city on the east coast.

I apologize for the lack of pictures today. We got a lot but I am in no mood to weed through them. More to come later. We learned the hard way tonight that Savannah is a ridiculously difficult town to navigate so after a long drive I'm off to dream about chocolate covered Charleston.

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