RT '011: Knoxville to Raleigh

This whole changing of times zones almost every day is throwing is off. Our goal was to get from Knoxville to Raleigh today by 2 so we could enjoy Raleigh. That didn't happen. We took our time this morning and slept in and went to the most delicious breakfast at a pancake house in the Smokey Mountains. It was glorious. We didn't get to Raleigh until almost 6 then we were sooo tired so we both took naps before we went out and discovered that Raleigh wasn't really the most happening city around. But what it did have to offer, we really liked. We didn't really take too many pictures today. We drove through the Appalachain Mountains which were absolutely gorgeous. All in all, we love North Carolina.

PS...sorry if these are boring posts. Its late when we blog and it's mainly for our journaling purposes. We did leave a little video for one and all. This will just show our love for the Tennessee accent. It's so fabulous!

Just hangin' with Dolly. We really wanted to run out with her but how do you sneak a life-size cutout of Dolly without anyone noticing?
Raleigh at night.
A little Smokey Mountain love.


Natalie said...

I love the videos... you guys are so funny! And you nailed that accent - you sound just like Dolly :)

Chris said...

You needed to use the phrase, "Unmitigated Gaaaaaaawll!" Also, while biscuits and gravy are delicious, I hope you get to have some true southern grits while you're on your trip.

Heath said...

Oh my gosh, how great would it be to have a life-size cutout of Dolly!?!