RT '011: Memphis to Nashville

Hey folks! Another glorious day in the south. It was actually a super fabulous day. We left Memphis, and took a really long way to get to Nashville. We went down into Mississippi through some really small towns like Guntown. It was as awesome as it sounds. Then we got on a scenic route that goes through Mississippi, Alabama, and up to Nashville. It was the most beautiful road we have ever seen. We were on it for about 4 hours and could have gone at least 4 more. There were all these pull-offs along the way that took us to waterfalls and beautiful outlooks. Seriously, we would recommend it to anyone that was in the area. We made it to Nashville and had very little time but did have some dinner. Our short time in Nashville made us realize we would LOVE to come back to this city. Enjoy the pics...off to North Carolina tomorrow.

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Mom said...

I am soooooo jealous!!!! Thanks for the pics. Keep them coming.