Cable Family

I have really good looking friends.  And when those friends have babies...they are extremely good looking.  Holly and Steven introduced me to sweet little Weston, and he and I fell in love, in an airport hanger.


Trevor and Tori Engaged

 I meet some really rad people at my day job.  Trevor and Tori are two of them.  They are 2 of the kindest people ever.  And they are just gorgeous.




This woman is a photography genius and has taught me so much of what I know about photography.
She asked me to do a very last minute maternity shoot before her 3rd baby, Gwen was born.  We did this back in January.  I could photograph Lydia all day long.  She's gorgeous and spunky.  Honestly, one of my favorite people.  And isn't she the most beautiful pregnant girl ever?


Keith and Leah Engaged

Meet Ken and Barbie...eh, I mean Keith and Leah.  But don't they look like they could be the real life Ken and Barbie?  So excited for them to be married in 3 weeks. 


Lance and Mackenzi Married

I know some pretty rad people and Lance and Mackenzi are at the top of that list.  These 2 had the most laid back and happy wedding day, even in the August heat.  There were smiles all day long and a lot of laughter.  My kind of day.