RT '011: Georgia to New Orleans

Guest commentary by Lindsay: Hallelu!!!! We're out of Georgia...Don't get me wrong I absolutely loved Georgia but the roads there make as much sense as naming New Mexico the Land of Enchantment. We made our way through Alabama and Mississippi to New Orleans and it was a gorgeous drive but too hard to capture on film so we apologize for the lack of pictures. We did manage to get this first picture in an Alabama city that has an odd fascination with boll weevils....
(from Camille: we did an impromptu photo shoot on the side of the road) Downtown Mobile, AL
Beautiful wetlands in Mississippi
Penny surfin' in the USA

The lovely sunset heading into Louisiana
Commentary by Camille: As we drove over the bridge into New Orleans, picture Lindsay dancing and singing her heart out to Harry Connick Jr.'s "Big Parade". It was a sight to behold. Totally appropriate for NO, LA


Rachel said...

I'm just going to say that I'll be a little sad if you didn't get me any soap from the Boll Weevil Soap Company.

And you know I can't picture anyone singing that song except for Gina. But I'll superimpose Lindsay's face there and give it a shot.

Chris said...

What? How come I haven't heard Gina sing "Big Parade"?

Nice camara work in the car mirror photo.

Texas next? I hear the stars at night are big and bright.

LudiKus said...

this makes me so jealous. but in a good way. i'm so happy you get to experience to see most of the usa... i wish markus and i did this before we had kids, we had plans of doing it and never did... :(

Chris and Gina said...

That's like the best Harry CD ever...Big Parade, or whatever the real name is. It's so awesome! I'm so jealous. Does anyone remember going to see Harry at the Hollywood Bowl and while he was talking to the audience, he called some woman out on the amount of cleavage she bore? I still laugh about it.

Loved the photo shoot!