Stephanie, Raul & Anthony

Bare with me here folks, there is going to be a lot of pictures. It's only because this cute family is so dang photogenic I couldn't just pick a few.
I had the fabulous privilege of working with THE Lydia Tolman. I love working along side with her. She doesn't mess around. When she has an idea in her mind, she makes it happen. What makes it even better is when the clients are willing to do anything. Stephanie, Anthony and Raul were so fun, so easygoing and so willing. They really are beautiful people. Just have a look...
Okay can't you see a little Eva Longoria in Stephanie and a little LL Cool J in Raul??

There is just something about this photo that I absolutely LOVE!!
Anthony makes any picture look good. He's a little stud!
Another fav. Come on now. How could it not be?


Bryce and Breanna said...

What up sista! I just have to say I love the way you photograph. It's beautiful. And what can I say, I really adore you!

camille said...

Breanna, you are too kind! I MISS you friend. Wish I could see you more often. You're fabulous!