Bedtime Story

Oh how I love April Fools Day. I was in such a giddy mood all day. It just makes me laugh to see people fall for jokes. Okay, only if they are in a kind hearted matter. I don't appreciate rude or mean or hurtful jokes. I wanted to do a prank at work, but because I just started I didn't know the boundaries. Little did I know that pranks are free range. It was a fun morning seeing some people get mad because there mouse was missing, while I just laughed and laughed. Am I cruel? No. Just not as sensitive as others. But seeing that pranks are not what this post is about, let's get to what it is about: A bed time story in the form of a quilt. Yes, that's right. Why today? Because 11 years ago today I received a quilt that is full of fun stories. Well, stories I make up in my mind.

Margaret Caldwell was my 11th grade math teacher. I was such a fan of her that I became her TA in 12th grade, which equalled free breakfast and gossiping about students she didn't like. Win Win! Every year on April 1st she has a tradition. Her mother's birthday was April 1st, and ever since her mom passed away, Ms. Caldwell would carry on the legacy of her mother by making quilts all year long and giving them out on April 1st. She makes about 10-12 a year. On this very day, in 1999, I was a recipient of one of those quilts. I was either a really good brown-noser or she must have really liked me. Whatever it was, I felt so lucky to have received one. So, let's get to the story part. The quilt is a made up of many different fabrics? patterns? What would you call that? You'll see what I mean in the pictures below. So I wanted to share some of the characters that make up the story of the quilt....

This little guy. Of course, an owl dressed up for a Thanksgiving feast. Why not?

Peek-a-boo! Kind of a creepy doll but slightly reminds me of Raggity-Ann.

Well hello back to you Mr. Creature who's hiding.

This one eye kind of freaks me out a little bit but it brings character.

And of course there would be a Geisha. Any good quilt would. haha. (ps. The moon and star on the right glow in the dark. OOOoooo)

Woodstock had to make an appearance. As well as a nice splash of Halloween on the top there. (Those stars glow in the dark too)

I think this is the other half to that first doll. She just spreads her joy throughout the whole quilt.

So there you have a little glimpse into the stories of the quilt. With all of that said, it is the most comfortable and cozy quilt in the world. Ms. Caldwell's handy work and desire to keep her mom's love for quilting alive has kept me warm and comforted for the last 11 years and hopefully many more.
The End.


Jeanie Doll said...

What a lovely quilt!

camille said...

Thanks guys. And Heather...We are friends!!