My word was it windy the day we did this shoot. But Wendy braved through it and tapped into her inner model and made it work. When I said sass, she brought it on full force. Wendy has such a fun personality and a great laugh. She has a sincere and sweet look about her. Don't be deceived though...haha, just kidding Wendy. Enjoy!

Okay now this one just makes me giddy. It is simply for my happiness because when I said go fierce, this is what she gave me. Where is Tyra for a casting call?


Wendy Reves said...

HAHA...Camille I do what I can!!! J/K. But seriously, it was fun and I love the way these came out. Great job Camille!!!!

Rachel said...

LOVE the red dress and blue balloons. LOVE!