Spring time

To kick off spring and my goal of become a hiking enthusiast, my dad and I went to Chino Hills State Park this morning and hit the trails (I really have always wanted to be a hiker, and I think this is my year to make it happen, fingers crossed). Of course I had my camera with me to capture the beginnings of spring. So below are just 3 shots I took. Simple, but I'll explain why I love them so much.

I love the thought of the brilliant morning sun when it first reaches these flowers. How refreshing for each flower. I love that there is still darkness that hasn't seen the sun yet. And I love that it looks like some of the flowers are just waking up. Like they are rising from a nice sleep. (Whoa, deep)

I absolutely love wild flowers. Without fail, every year at this time, random beautiful colors pop up everywhere. I love that they are called wild flowers but this particular one just looks so calm and peaceful. I like the buds that are about to bloom, like they are coming out of hibernation.

I LOVE this picture for so many reasons. Oh, hi Chino! So good to see you from this view on a pleasant Saturday morning. I love the green hills. I love the industrial buildings (as weird as that sounds, its just part of my city). I love the layer of morning haze, even though it is probably smog, I still love it. I love the mountains, and that there is snow on them. I love that I can enjoy snow and appreciate its beauty from a distance on a 70 degree day. I love that this is my city. My house is off to the very left, a tiny speck, but this is where I grew up. This is my home, from a different view, on a spring morning. *sigh*


Jeanie Doll said...

Really good pictures! The second one was my fav.

Ben and Melonnie said...

Beautiful work Camille! I love your view of each of the photos.

just corby said...

I love this pic. The curvy road kind of reminds me of a rainbow.