Joshua Tree

Have I ever mentioned that I love nature. Well I do. I am always amazed with the beauty God has given us on this earth. Last Saturday, a group of us from church took a day trip to Joshua Tree. I had never been before. We got to experience the beauties of this earth in the form of large boulders and odd shaped trees. It was majestic. There were about 11 of us that went and had a great time. We climbed all over rock formations and watched others climb and then repel down larger rocks, and enjoyed the peace of the desert. Have a look...

I am so fascinated by the different shapes of the rocks. It blows my mind.

At one point we had to go under this tunnel in the rocks. This is Allie coming out of the tunnel. It was so awesome.
Robert and Bro. Tolman practically rubbing it in my face that they were higher. They were a lot more brave than I was. Robert actually made it to the very top.
For anyone that really knows my family, you must know that we love the movie Heavyweights. This is Allie's interpretation of Uncle Tony repulsing the monkey. "Mother earth, Father sky, and your dear old Uncle Tony."

Some desert cacti.

Robert and Reese looking foxy in their repelling gear.

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