Lori Graduates

Working around college students, I make some great friendships.  And then, without asking my permission, they graduate.  I don't like it.  Sure, I'm happy for them, but that means I don't get to see them everyday.  Lori is one of those.  This girl has the most contagious smile and infectious laugh.  She is graduating with her Bachelor's in Kinesiology and is off to bigger and better things.  Congratulations Lori!!

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sarahgurl said...

you know why you're so good? I do! Its cause these people are so comfortable around you that they are relaxed and happy. You make them laugh and that's where you get the most original, authentic smiles. Unlike going to JC Penny where the photographer doesn't know (or care to know ) your name. I hope you can make a little time to take a few pics of my little peeps in a few weeks. I LOVE your photos!!!