TJ & Karly Engaged

Wow, someone's been slacking on posting. One month...good heavens. Well I'm back and with my good friend Karly. Seriously, this girl is hilarious.  Like she knows exactly what to say at the exact moment to catch everyone off guard and make them crack up.  I love that kind of humor.  That's why I keep her around.  Well that and she is kind and beautiful and one of the sweetest people I know.  Luckily she found TJ who fits perfectly into her life. I've known Karly for pretty much my whole life and oh how I love her. Can't wait for their wedding in July!!


Natalie said...

These are so great! I didn't know she was engaged... pass along my 'congrats' to her!

Anonymous said...

Love them! You are the best, Camille! Thank you soooo much! What a fun time in that forest! Haha!
Karly and TJ