The Schenk Kids

So I have these 2 BFF's. Sarah and Pam. We all live in different states. Sad face. I love being around them and their cute and crazy kids. I went to Arizona a few weeks ago and spent the weekend with Pam and her family. I had a blast because Pam is just hilarious and doesn't even mean to be. I was able to get a few quick pictures of her offspring. Love them.

This is Sarah Camille (Get it?!?)

Nate had a hard time smiling for me because there were so many rocks to play with.  All boy.

Power to the people...


Mary Marantz said...

Oh I love that she named her after the two of you! They are SO cute!


sarahgurl said...

I cried when I saw these....thank you Camille! Miss you both ;-) Sarah has THE BEST smile