And so it begins...

I had a professor in college that taught me a valuable lesson about myself. I don't even remember what the class was called, but I know it had something to do with various Adobe programs. Our final class project was to create a 4 page newsletter with various elements on it that we learned throughout the semester. I remember when we started the project, I told the professor that I had zero artistic ability and that my newsletter would probably be very boring, but I would do my best. Throughout the whole project, she kept encouraging me and would point out when I would do something artsy. I remember the day before I turned it in, I was reviewing my work and it hit me...she was right. I did have some artistic ability. I think that is when I realized I could be good at photography. Okay not that exact moment but the idea of being able to create something using my own creativity, not something that is provided for me, was empowering.

With the encouragement of a dear friend Lydia, I have started this blog. She is giving me the push I need towards my dream of becoming a great photographer. I am fully aware that I am no where near good, but I hope that through much practice and allowing others to see my work through this blog, I can gain the confidence to do what I love. What I love is to capture moments of beauty in this world that a loving Heavenly Father has created for us, a hopeful smile on a friends face, a family laughing together, or moments in my daily life that remind me of how blessed I am.

I look forward to sharing captured moments with you. For now, I will leave you with a picture I took about 2 months ago in Hawaii that makes me feel joyful!

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April and Wes said...

Good for you Camille!
I will indubitably enjoy your blog!