This woman is a photography genius and has taught me so much of what I know about photography.
She asked me to do a very last minute maternity shoot before her 3rd baby, Gwen was born.  We did this back in January.  I could photograph Lydia all day long.  She's gorgeous and spunky.  Honestly, one of my favorite people.  And isn't she the most beautiful pregnant girl ever?


sarahgurl said...

No kidding,I could have looked at about a hundred more!

Heidi Broberg said...

Love you BOTH! And those pictures are GREAT. MAYBE, just MAYBE I should do some maternity...ugh...I dont know, maybe. I wouldnt look as cute as her...adorable!!!!

Please enjoy... said...

camille, you charmer! i love you and your willingness to always jump in last minute. and those are great pictures and i'll always treasure them! thanks again!