Life lately...

Gosh I love my Instax camera!  Here are a few Instax pics of life lately:

Went to Utah for a few days with the fam
 Had a fun surprise girls night out for Karly before she got married!
 Went to the Disney Concert Hall with the sisters and friends for a Mo-town sing-along.  Seriously you guys, FUN!
 Beach Camping in Carpinteria with Katie
 Olympic opening ceremonies party.  Jamaica and Greece were well represented.
 Dear Olympics: I miss you a lot!  I can't stop looking at pictures like these.  And while we're at it, check out these awesome photos from the 1908 London Olympics.  So awesome!

And in other news (not an instax) guess what came in the mail today: my tickets to a Michigan Wolverine football game.  Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!  I may have jumped up and down a few times.  In 3 weeks I'm off to Michigan, specifically the Big House.  It's a strange obsession, I know, but you will hear all about it when I return home from my trip.  For now, I'm off to make a paper chain countdown.

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Gina said...

I love this! 3 weeks!