Release Me...

I have had absolutely no pictures to blog with in the last few weeks. Nothing. But really, my life has been really fun recently. I'm trying not to write as much on this blog, since I'm not a writer in the least and I don't wont to be a bore with my lack of writing skills. So I will leave you with one horrible picture of one fabulous night.

Wilson Phillips. Next to NKOTB, they were my favorite band as a child. I would go to my bff's house and we would make up dances to "Release Me" in their back yard. So when we saw they were coming to Cerritos (of all places) we jumped all over it. You can see at the top of this horrible cell phone picture the rafters to the venue. We were that high up, but it did not matter one bit. I sang my little heart out even though everyone around us was stuffy and lame and didn't have one dancing bone or thumb mic in them. It was a DREAM.


andrea said...

Have we ever talked about Wilson Phillips before?!
I'm obsessed.
I SO wish I could have gone to this show with you.
I was actually jamming to them alone in my car just a couple days ago!
So jealous!!!

Liz W. said...

Wasn't it a blast!

I keep saying to myself, "Chynna, it's not 1991. Relax!"