A Bullet List

  • I'm listening to the Neil Diamond station on Pandora right now. Some times you just need a little Neil.

  • I did a fun shoot with this friend last week.

  • Went to see Les Miserable on Saturday with the sisters. We had a mezzanine box to ourselves and it was dreamy. We felt like royalty, or the Muppets. We snuck in Peanut M&M's. Genius. I had never seen the musical before and now I can report that this wont be my last time either. So incredible. And once again I was reminded that I missed my calling of being on Broadway. I'm pretty sure I was meant for the stage.

  • We played a pretty fun game of Boggle last night. I forget how much I love that game.

  • Thanks to the Mormon pioneers of years ago, I have today off. *sigh*

  • Going to the Dodgers game tonight. Viva Los Doyers!

  • Life is swell!


Mary Marantz said...

"We felt like royalty, or the Muppets" Ok, this made me laugh out loud! I love it!

Katelyn James said...

LOVE that skirt!!! xoxo