Once upon a time I was at a friends dorm room with this girl who had only been an acquaintance and we were trying to see how many gumballs we could fit in our mouths. If I had only known then that this acquaintance would become one of my closest friends. (I think my jaw still hurts from those dang gumballs). Meet Susan. She's spunky, sassy, hilarious and kind. We were college roommates back in the day. I have so many funny stories with this girl. She has been my nurse, my therapist, my motivator and my friend. And of all the friends I have she is the prettiest, and of all the people I know that I'm not related to, I like her the best. (Is that how you wanted me to word it...:D) Now she's off to London for a new adventure in life, and as sad as I am to not have her close by, I am beyond excited for her. Love ya ole' chap!

Okay, one more story. Susan was the Head Cheerleader at her high school. So I asked her if she thought she could still do a toe touch. Of course there was modest hesitation. I had my camera ready just in case. This is the first shot, first jump. No stretching and in jeans. You and your flexibility make me sick.

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Susan said...

Ahhh! We are so cool! This was way fun and I can't help but admit that my toe touch should go in the Pep Squad Hall of Fame.

P.S. What do I owe you for saying all those nice things about me?