Matix turns 1

Do you remember those 'best friend' necklaces that one half of the heart was "Be Fri" and the other half was "st end"? Nicole (or Kambria, as everyone else in the world calls her, minus me, and that will never change) and I always talked about getting those necklaces but we never did. I don't remember who was be fri or who was st end but when we wrote letters to each other in 10th grade and passed them one seat down (because there was so much to write about during class that we just couldn't wait for class to end to talk about it, right?) we would address our letters that way: Dear Be Fri...Sincerely, St End. Because we were cool high schoolers for sure. Well now Nicole is Miss Mom, and a fabulous one at that. Her baby boy, Matix, just turned one so I spent a morning with them to take some pictures.

Mr. Serious

Brought the big sisters in for a few.

Adri and Sky, you are the cutest big sisters ever!

A few Easter pictures

Then we stripped Matix down to devour his birthday cupcake

Thanks Nicole for a fabulous morning with your beautiful family. I wish Mario could have been there. We will just have to do it again.

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