Gold Star Day

Here are just a few reasons why today was a great day:

- I had an incredible hair day. It's rare. And it was raining. I don't think I have ever had a good rainy day hair day. Ever. That alone makes this day glorious.

- American Idol was especially grand tonight. Don't judge me. I would purchase a ticket right this instant to Hailey's first concert.

- The best news of all..my brother and sister-in-law welcomed the arrival of their baby girl tonight. First niece...so exciting!!

I love days like these.

And this is just a little something something from a family shoot I did this past weekend. This little guy is so fun. More to come of him and his parents.


Chris said...

Did you see Hailey fall and get right back up? She rocked. I hope she wins...or Scotty (but I wish he wasn't quite so twangy).

Nikki said...

:) :) :) !!!