RT '011: New Orleans to Home

I know, it sounds like a long way, Louisiana to California but we did it in 3 days and still managed to stop and live it up in San Antonio for a day. Leaving Louisiana was pretty cool because it's pretty much a ridiculously long bridge over the entire southern state to get to Texas. And then there was Texas. Oh my Texas, you are vast. We made it to San Antonio on Wednesday night and stayed with some friends (thank you Smith's, so good to see you). We spent all Thursday in San Antonio. If there was a contest for the most visitor friendly city in the USA, San Antonio would win hands down. Seriously, on every street corner there is a map and signs pointing you to every hot spot in the city. It was so helpful. Enjoy....
Downtown Houston. I just love skylines.

The wildflowers in Texas were all starting to come up. These blue bonnets were so beautiful. Oh the Alamo. We just giggled the whole time we were there. Thank you Pee Wee Herman and your Big Adventure for making the Alamo so funny. So Lindsay has an old Polaroid camera and we took a picture in front of the Alamo (obviously) and this teenage boy was looking at the camera so weird. Oh, kids these days.
We ventured to the top of this tower. Beautiful view.
Shopping down at the river walk. I really wish she would have purchased this.
The River Walk. Loved it!

And for our dear friend Valerie...food pictures. We ate at a BBQ down on the river and it was delicious, even though I don't eat meat. The fixin's and this homemade bread were to die for. And don't even get me started on their peach cobbler.

We drove from San Antonio to Chino all in one day. It was about a 20 hour drive, Texas being about half of that drive (blah!) but totally worth it to be in my own bed again. God Bless America, I love ya. Fabulous trip!!


Sherri said...

It was fun to watch you do this! How fun! You will remember this all your life... Keep up the documentation and you will keep it fresh in your memory. :)

Anonymous said...

ummm i loved reading and hearing about your trip!! sounds amazing! and next can we please make a photo date?!? im off weds and fri!