RT '011: Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma

Another day in the great U S of A. Today we drove from Santa Fe to the east border of Oklahoma. Lots of driving. About 12 hours and about 800 miles but it was actually really fun. The more east we go the greener it gets and we are thrilled with that...

So happy to get out of New Mexico and happy to see the Texas sign.

We stopped at this gas station and in the bathroom they had butcher paper all over the wall that said "Tell your story" so we did.

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX. The wind was nuts there. I still have sand and dirt everywhere from it blowing all over but it was pretty cool.

The leaning water tower of Texas.

Thank you Oklahoma, we like you a lot.

The Oklahoma sunset. This really doesn't do it justice, but it was stunning.

And a special treat for you all. Enjoy...



Rachel said...

It's a comfort to know that if you gals run out of money you have your singing talents to fall back on.

Kelly said...

I loved it! Even though it's 6:00am here. Have a fun trip ladies (looks like you already are).

Chris said...

I lived in Oklahoma for 2 years and loved it! I went to Jenks High School (pronounced Jinx). Go Jenks Trojans!

Laura said...

Loved the song! It makes me think of me, Katie and Gina driving across the border from my house in TX and singing it. And then stopping at some crazy dive BBQ place in OK. Unfortunately, the best thing about the BBQ place for me was the bread!!