Hello 80 degrees in January. I fully welcome you. I had an itch for creativity last weekend so I called my dear friend Heidi and asked if she would be my model. After driving around the 91710 for a little bit I found the perfect spot for a creative outlet. Bless Heidi's good lovin' heart for putting up with me and my desire to always learn and have fun with photography. She was a fabulous remedy for my itch on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon.


Kylea said...

Sweet, my favorites are the ones where you can see the top of that crazy looking hill. Great spot. Keep it up McNelch :)

Anonymous said...

love this!! i wanna be a model for you sometime!

Camille said...

Kylea...Thanks!!! Seriously, I love that hill. I'm so happy I found it.

Rashelle...anyday! Seriously. Lets find a cool spot to do it.