Cheers to '011

I love the week between Christmas and New Years. I would love it more if I didn't have to work all week, but we will look past that. This past week has been filled with an outrageous 1000 piece puzzle that was just finished an hour ago, lots of See's candy, lazy pajama filled days and plenty of nephew time. Here is one of my very favorite pictures from Christmas morning.

Happiest of new years to you all.


Ben and Melonnie said...

Sooooo cute! Camille! You have really found your talent. I went and looked back at your blog and you are really amazing! I will need to get an appointment with you sometime for a Leah shoot!

Camille said...

Thanks Melonnie!!! Yeah, let me know. Leah is so stinkin adorable!

andrea said...

Oh my gosh that is the cutest face I have ever seen!!! What a great shot! You must be a proud auntie!