The Brockway Family

Meet the Brockways. Oh my goodness they are a fun family, and so good looking. Let me tell you, this family, they have magical powers. Rain was in the forecast all day on the day of this shoot, but they were willing to risk it. It was heavy rain all day, but when we all got to the park there was zero rain and even some sunshine and as soon as I drove away there were rain drops coming down. Meant to be. Dear Brockways, I'm seriously a huge fan of each of you. Thanks for a fun afternoon.


LudiKus said...

some really great shots there. love it!

Anonymous said...

ummmm THESE ARE AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! why have you been holding out!??!? p.s You really need to inform me of this sweet location! ;o) im looking a spot to do my own familys photos!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL Camille!!!

Love, Karly