Carlsbad State Beach

I love that feeling when memories flood back into your mind. Good, happy memories of course. My fabulous sister Lindsay reserved a site at Carlsbad State Beach for the week. I got to go down on Thursday and camp over night with her. As I pulled into the campsite memories began to pour into my mind. From the age of 8 to about 14 or 15 my family went to Carlsbad every summer. It was heaven. We would wake up and watch dolphins in the morning, play at the beach all afternoon, sit by the campfire and play games every night. It was perfect. I hadn't been back in several years. It was so refreshing to be back there and remember the good times with my family.

These pictures are pretty random below but I love them. Let me explain...

This is pretty self explanatory...the view from the campsite at night.

First of all, Lindsay is beautiful, even after camping for 4 days. But this picture sums up what we do for a good portion of the day at Carlsbad...lean over the fence at the edge of the cliff and just stare. It is so peaceful for some reason.

This picture might just look like some red string, but its the power of fire and photography making magic :) We had a little too much fun around the campfire.


sarahgurl said...

Hey there! These pics make me want to cry. first of all I'm so homesick for the beach that everyday I contemplate just packing the kids up and leaving. secondly I hope that when my kids are grown they are as close as your family and have as much fun. all they do know is fight. hope you can come up for conference!

Camille said...

Sarah...I miss you!!! I am all for packing the kids up and getting down here. You have my full support.