Body Works Lifestyle

My friend Vanessa's husband owns a personal training company called Body Works Lifestyle. They do personal training and boot camps throughout the week. They asked me to take some pictures of one of their boot camp sessions for their website and advertising. This was a unique experience but pretty fun. Fun, because I wasn't the one sprinting and doing push-ups and lifting weights. While they were getting worked over by the trainers I was up in their sweaty faces taking pictures. I'm sure they loved me. Seriously, check them out if you are looking for a great boot camp or personal trainer. They were fun to work with and they whip everyone into shape.


Valerie said...

I heart that one of everyone in a plank. Or, maybe about to do push-ups. Either way, it's awesome.

Sarah Alexander said...

This totally makes me want to work out, which means these pictures are VERY amazing! :)