Armes Family

I'm back. Sorry for the hiatus. Did you miss me? Good! Well let's just chat briefly about my dear friend Sarah. She is one half of my 2 BFF's going on 26 years now (Pam we miss you. Please move back to the west coast so we can all hang out and eat lots of ice cream). Our families lived about 2 blocks away from each other. For just about my whole life, Sarah has been part of it. It doesn't matter how long we go without seeing each other or talking to each other, we just pick up like it was yesterday. Sarah and her fabulous husband Greg and their 4 kids (that makes me feel really really old) now live in Utah, but are a California beach family through and through. They were down here visiting for 2 weeks so I went with them to the beach for a day and was able to snap a few, okay a lot of photos of them. My plan was just to be there with them for a few hours but lucky for us it was the day of the truck explosion on the 91 freeway, so instead of being stuck in traffic for hours on end we played at the beach all day. What a rough day :)

Be warned, there might be a lot of commentary with these pictures.

Sarah, thank you for living life to the fullest. Thank you for being funny and pretty and kind. You are an incredible mother to your 4 beautiful children and a loving and supportive wife. You inspire me and you make me laugh.

So Greg is a big time surfer. This picture makes me so happy because I can only imagine how excited he is to teach Kai how to surf.

So stinkin cute!

I love these next 2 for this reason: for a few years growing up, my family went beach camping and out of all of my family members I wanted my dad to always go out in the water with me. Of course he was fun to play with but I always felt so safe when my dad was with me. It was so fun watching the kids want to hang onto Greg as he took them out a little bit farther than they normally would have. They completely trusted him and enjoyed every bit of it.

Don't you wish you were a kid again???


Anonymous said...

love all of these

sarahgurl said...

thank you times amillion!! it was an awesome day, can't wait to get the cd and decorate all the walls in my home!! you're the best :)

Jeanie Doll said...

Really good pictures! I love the feet one the best but they were all great!

Heidi Prince said...

my absolute favorite is the one of her daughter jumping in the air! you're doing really well! :)

Ben and Melonnie said...

Ha!!! LOVE it!!!! You are getting better and better Camille!