Poppy Festival

Who doesn't love a festival? I sure do. When you combine it with rollings fields of orange flowers, I'm sold. It's a win win situation really. Rachel, Liz and I ventured to Lancaster last Saturday for the California Poppy Festival. You know, a festival in honor of the state flower. The festival, I have to say, was just medium. I mean, it was in the middle of Lancaster which I learned on Saturday doesn't really have much going for them EXCEPT miles of beautiful orange poppies.

First stop: Charlie Brown Farms in Little Rock, CA. Who knew there was a Little Rock in my state? This place has wine tasting, deep fried twinkies and bandages that look like bacon (which Rachel purchased by the by) all in one place. How could we not stop? And, no, we didn't taste wine, don't worry.
Oh the Poppy fields....

I adore this picture of Rachel as she sits amongst the poppies. This was after frolicking through the fields of course.

I shall now interrupt this post with a picture of me. Everyone deserves a vain moment now and then. I just really like this picture. And done.
Our final stop for the day before we hit horrendous amounts of LA traffic (shocker) was completely spontaneous. I wanted to reach in and hug the 2 ladies in this soft serve ice cream truck. Yeah, you read that right. Genius isn't it? I didn't even blink when Liz pointed it out, my car just automatically turned, and oh was it worth it.

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