San Clemente

I love rain. It's true. It's so rare these days in southern California that when it comes, I live it up. As the weathermen on all the news channels were going crazy about how much rain we were getting, I was sipping hot cocoa, wrapped in a blanket, and watching the Australian Open of course. Monday through Friday I was in wet, soggy, rainy heaven. Then Saturday came. I forgot how much I missed the sun. I woke up with this brilliant light shining into the house. I knew instantly that I had to get out of the house that day and soak in the rays. After quite a few declines from friends (don't worry friends that declined, I won't hold it against you), Erica stepped up to the plate and joined me in a spontaneous Saturday.

We drove to San Clemente with cameras in tow and had a blast. We are both new at using SLR cameras, so we practiced a lot and played a lot. It was glorious. Here are a few pictures I took from the day.

I love this picture; the train, the clock tower, the palm trees. Beauty. When I changed it to black and white, it reminded me of this picture of my grandpa and his brothers when they were really young at Seal beach. I love that picture, and this just has the same feel for me.

Erica, working her magic.

There was this cute restaurant on the pier where we got some hot chocolate as we watched the sun go down.

The colors in this picture make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Now, I can't take credit for this picture. This was Erica's doing. But we were playing around with some techniques and this is one she came up with. I love everything about it. Thanks Erica!!


Heidi Prince said...

i love san clemente...i've been to that cute little restaurant too! love it!

Sarah Alexander said...

Camille! These are awesome! Very nice work. I can't imagine how amazing you'll be after a lesson from me:) Love ya